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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Oct 29 2011 1:06pm
Good Saturday morning to you!  Thanks for coming by and reading my scribbles~ my random thoughts for Saturdays....well, probably every day since I live with a Lyme brain, but on Saturday my scribbles are deliberate!  It is another beautiful fall day here with temperatures heading into the 50's, sunshine and very little wind.  I can remember when this time of year often meant snow in Montana or at the least very cold weather.  I am enjoying this while it lasts.

Speaking of enjoyment, I am still basking in the glow of my sister Jan's short visit.  I did not share in my other post how hard she tries to come to our home and not cause me any reactions to chemicals or tire us out.  She insisted both she and her husband Lanny shower as soon as they got here.  She then put on clothes she keeps here just for visits ( she used to come and stay with us for several days) ~ free of dryer sheet smells and strong detergent odors.  Her husband insisted on wearing Joel's clothes..they fit quite well so that was nice.  She offered to buy him something new and wash it here but I said no to that!  She did not use any hair products besides ours and no make-up while she was here.  Now, my sister loves to be dressed nice, wear make-up and hair spray and the rest...but is willing to come and hang out without all the products that cause me headaches, air hunger and more pain and fatigue.  BLESS HER HEART!  I appreciate it more than she will ever know.

I have been watching the ILADS conference in Toronto...still on today if you wish to tune in. The link is in a former post.  I kept hearing doctors speak about how we can get Lyme to no longer be a pathogen and go into remission but something like stress can trigger it once again (okay, where is that island for us to move to).....or a surgery...or another bad infection....or allergies.  It is sobering but educational.

On a lighter note did anyone see Castle this week (on Monday nights).  I am NOT a fan of Halloween or a "lets scare ourselves" kind of gal...and it creeped me out!  Joel had a good laugh over me being spooked by their spooky show.  We have our candy bought and Joel will greet the trick-or- treaters while I try to keep Levi from going nuts.  All the people coming to the door both wires him up and exhausts him...Hmmmmm sounds a bit like CFS or Lyme!

We have not watched any movies, but Joel enjoyed the season finale of "Top Shot" on the History channel, and I watched the season finale of Project Runway.  I have not been reading much except for  Gupta's book on retraining the amygdala.  So, what are you reading?

Until next time.....
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