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Saturday's Scribbles

Posted Sep 04 2010 4:17am
It is Saturday morning and the temps are chilly! Loving that! The low last night was 44 and today it should reach 69 degrees here in our part of Iowa. Loving that too! It has been cool enough to cover up with my Woolie once in awhile. ~ sigh~heavenly!

It has been quite a busy week again for Joel with meetings, counseling, and a pastors conference. He has fared well with it all, although he is tired out. I have spent most of the week dealing with Lyme reproduction time once again. I appreciate your encouraging comments on Fridays post. I had the worst day in months waking up with a lot of anger and sadness for all the "losses" experienced and the relentless pain.

We had someone come power wash our deck which removed all the green mold from the summer's humidity. Joel then soaked it good with vinegar water. We can have the deck door open again and that is so nice. Soon we hope to finish the painting outside that needed to be done 2 yrs ago, and get someone to do the rock landscaping for a part of the backyard. Will be nice when that is all finished. But when you own a house, is it ever all finished?

This week our neighborhood has had a small visitor prancing through the yards. A little fawn seems to be spending far too much time away from home....we are hoping mom is not gone forever. So cute to watch this little one, but I still can't help but think......ticks!

Joel and I watched the movie, "The Bounty Hunter" last night. It was quite funny in parts. We plan to make it a Labor Day Movie Weekend since we really can't go anywhere and no one is coming to visit. We also went for a drive around town earlier this morning, ending with a short walk at our city park. I was able to walk to the river and stand on the bridge overlooking the water for a few minutes before heading back to the car. It felt wonderful to be out and walking...around 5-7 minute total which was a good amount for me.

Our CFS/ME friend Toni's book, "How To Be Sick", is available and one copy is on it's way to our home right now. As Sue says in her review of this book, it is really about how to have wellness while living with a chronic illness like CFS. Sue reviews it on her blog, at . We will also be getting a book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer that Joel wanted to read, another book on missionaries who run an orphanage in Africa ~"Always Enough", a book on herbs, and one light mystery. Once again these books have been purchased thanks to a sweet friend's generous gift card from Amazon. Thank you D.!!

Until next time...
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