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Running The Race, But Running Out Of Gas

Posted Jun 10 2010 12:00am
My Spirostat test came back today. This test is for the purpose of identifying the DNA of various strands of Lyme. Guess what? My test came by inconclusive. Why am I not surprised! The test is effective as long as you have a Lyme strand that they have a test for. I was convinced that this test was going to provide some answers. Lucky me! How long is this going to go on? In addition, I also didn't get back my Babesia co-infection) test results; it should have been returned with the Lyme test. What is it going to take to figure it all out?

My Hemex test showed I have low CD62s. CD62s have something to do with leukocytes and inflammation. Well, I have a lot of inflammation. I am pretty sure the test shows that my body is fighting infection, but all these tests are written in foreign language. The doctor is supposed to return my call. I will post with an update later.
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