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Running the Boston Marathon With a Side of Sea Sickness

Posted Jul 15 2012 11:38am

After the first infusion of antibiotics at the doctor’s office, I thought ‘that wasn’t so bad after all’.    The following Monday, after the next 2 fusions of antibiotics, I thought ‘now I know what they were talking about’.  Some of the symptoms slowly creeped in while others came in almost as quietly as a group of young children on Christmas day.  The Herxheimer Reaction, better known as Herxing, had begun.  Fatigue like I have never experienced before, parasthesia, lack of coordination…the list goes on.  Dealing with new symptoms was another challenge – the feeling that I was on a ship constantly bombarded by enormous waves makes a trip from the family room to the bedroom feel like you have run the Boston Marathon with a side of sea sickness.  I have also experienced brain fog that challenges memory & clarity, & I decided to try this one out by locking myself out of the house (all turned out ok).

Part of me is very happy to have all these symptoms.  No, this statement does not prove that I truly have brain fog.  These symptoms show that the Lyme is fighting back & some of the Lyme is dying off.  I am not planning a goodbye party for them either.

As difficult as the antibiotic days can be, the following day I have a saline drip that lasts 4-5 hours.  That is a flushing & cleansing process to clean the Lyme from my body.  3 days of antibiotics & 4 days of a saline drip each week.  Even though I do not feel great on most days, I am relieved that the fight has begun after seeking a diagnosis for nearly a year.

Thank you all for your ongoing encouragement & kind words.  It feels like I have a team running alongside me & people cheering me on as I move forward in this lengthy fight.

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