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Rules and Insights For Living A Pace Of Grace

Posted Sep 22 2010 3:18pm
Besides having a baseline for living a pace of grace, it is necessary for me to have rules that I follow. When I don't apply these rules the majority of the time, there are consequences.

Here are a few of my rules
Be in bed by 9:30-10 with lights out by 10:15pm.
No computer after 8:30pm.
Rest for 45-60 minutes daily, once in AM, once in PM.
Don't demand more than my body can give me.
Only use 50% of the energy I have on a given day.
Pause and listen to what my body is telling me throughout the day.

There are more I need to add, and I am working on that now.

Here are a few others things that are important to remember
Feeling better is dangerous. ( We tend to overdo when we have more energy.)
CFS/ME/Lyme does not reward forced perseverance!
Our bodies are always optimistic....we can do less than we think!
Phone calls are always draining.
Adrenaline surges are always fake energy.
2+ 2 does not always =4.......We can do it all and still end up in a crash. It is just the nature of this beast we call CFS/ME/Lyme.
Tomorrow is another day!
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