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Pulsing To Fight Lyme

Posted Nov 14 2012 3:17pm

Fortunately, the brain stem treatment using Coartem has been less intense though they are still challenging.  I will be ‘pulsing’ three of the next four weeks.  Coartem is actually an anti-malaria medication that has proven to be helpful in treating Borrelia, a Lyme co-infection.

They use ‘pulsing’ to kill the Borrelia bacteria.  The idea is to be off antibiotics for a duration of time and then take the antibiotic at a high dose, or ‘pulse’, for a couple of days. While I am off the antibiotic, the Borrelia bacteria let down their guard. Many of them stop using biofilm and others come out of cyst form. (The biofilm and cyst forms are two lines of defense that the Borrelia have against antibiotic.)  Then, suddenly, the Borrelia are pelted with a high dose of antibiotics. This decreases their population substantially.





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