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Productivity is Relative

Posted Jun 24 2013 10:21pm
Ever have those days where you feel super productive, only to look around & feel as if you did nothing?!?  Today was one of those days.  I was feeling really good about my day.  Got my kids out the door on time, worked at VBS all morning, came home, fixed a decent lunch, made sour cream, buttermilk & yogurt.  Did several loads of laundry.  Helped Monkey with an art project, spent some quality time with Roo.  Talked to my mom for an hour.  Fixed dinner (on the table & ready when hubby got home).

Then as I'm getting ready for bed I looked around the house and thought, goodness.  I didn't get anything done today!  The clothes from last night's bath are still on the bathroom floor.  The shirts I put in the sink last week to soak are still there.  The kitchen is a mess.  The dishwasher did not get unloaded.  Or reloaded  The mess did not get picked up.  The toys did not get put away.  The house did not get clean.  Monkey doesn't have any clean pajamas.  And I could go on & on.

Productivity, Shmoductivity.  As Henry David Thoreau says,  “It is not enough to be busy... The question is: what are we busy about?”

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