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Poll Mondays!

Posted Oct 03 2011 12:00am

I’m starting a tradition here at LymeChick! Mondays are now Poll day’s. Poll’s are helpful in gathering info and I also think it’s a fantastic way for all of us to see how common our symptoms are within this Lyme world.

And that on the days you feel most alone (which we all have plenty of) and you think you’re the only one who could possibly be too weak to crawl to the bathroom, or that the extreme pain in your right knee that stops when you stand up but throbs when you lie down is bizarre and uncommon… Well, lovely Lyme Chicks and (non-chicks) you’re not alone.

With that, here is the first poll. You might have seen me whining on facebook and twitter that my insomnia is relentless lately. I often ask myself and by often I mean at 4AM when I’m staring at the clock and everyone else in the house is asleep… Am I the only one up right now?! Is this Insomnia going to ever leave me alone? And when the sun comes up and I finally feel justified in leaving my bed, I can see those deep dark bags have made themselves at home under my eyes. (You can imagine this is one of the most distressing parts!) :P

I know I’m not alone in this, but lets take a poll!


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