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Posted Aug 21 2012 5:03pm
Below is an extract from BettyG's Blog written by Tom Grier - to read the whole posting click  here  

'The experts got almost everything important about Lyme disease wrong from the very beginning, and never once tried to apologize or correct their mistakes. 

 So I ask again: Why do we call them Lyme experts? 

They should be held accountable for mistakes that either came from arrogance, incompetence, or a purposeful choice to mislead us.

Personally I believe it to be all three. 

But I am not asking anyone to just accept my arguments based on history or my opinions.

I am asking the entire world to base an opinion on the basis of pathology. 

Scientists must look for the persistence of Borrelia species in the human brain after antibiotic treatment. 

A study should include no less than 1000 human brain autopsies world-wide on Lyme patients, dementia patients and MS patients. 

We need to use state of the art research tools to look for the survival of the bacteria in the human brain. 

We must use at minimum the following tools: 

Fluorescent-antibody stains for Borrelia, Silver-Stains, RNA-PCR for a generic Borrelia markers that are not species specific, but can detect any Borrelia species, thin section microscopy, the Bosner-Steiner method of staining and brain tissue analysis (this allows many cell layers to be analyzed instead of just one) tissue culture, 
PCR and antigen captures tests of Borrelia antigens. 
And for heavens sake: don't let the old school "Lyme-Experts" have a cent of the research monies to do this study; 
keep the CDC out of it, 
and don't allow corporate health organizations to contribute funding. 
Use private monies that are untainted by conflicts of interest.' 

Tom Grier

There are more interesting lectures by Tom Grier posted in the right hand column of Looking at Lyme Disease blog.
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