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Partners In Lyme: Partners In Protocol

Posted Jun 11 2010 9:33am
Yesterday Joel and I headed up to the North Country (Minnesota) to see our Lyme Doctor (LLMD). It was nice to get out of the house again after two weeks of isolation. I love the areas we drive through with all the hills, river cliffs or breaks, and the green, green, green of summer. So nice! The cliffs and tree covered hills remind me somewhat of when I lived in Deadwood S.D. as a child~ in the Black Hills. Beautiful!

Joel made almond butter brownies to take for everyone in the office, and they were a hit. We pack our lunch and sit at the lake, not too far from the clinic. We make sure to stop at the co-op to stock up on certain things, and after our appointment we head to Rochester to see our NAET practitioner. It is always a long day....

I often am apprehensive at these appointments as there is always a surprise or two. This one was no different! Our LLMD spends about 45-60 minutes with each of us going over our symptoms from an extensive sheet we fill out that shows what has improved, gotten worse, or is the same. She also does some basic neurological testing and a bit of a physical each time.

I will not go into detail, but I passed all the neuro testing with flying colors! Yahoo! Joel had improvement with his, but where I scored a 10 ~ he was more at a 2 up to a 5. She is concerned about the precursors he shows to Parkinson's so she is having him try an herb to help with his restless legs and his need for better sleep.

Speaking of herbs, BOTH Joel and I are now on Stephen Buhner's herbal protocol for Lyme. Just like that. I was determined to get off antibiotics (abx) and go on herbs, but thought we were heading towards Cowden's Protocol and had purchased a few of them already without her knowledge. She wants me to stay on the Cumanda since it is working so well with the die off of bacteria(herxing) along with Burbur for detoxing, but will use 3 new products Buhner recommends. Joel is on the same thing now at a higher dose, and our LLMD was going to keep him on abx too, but she muscle tested him and his body is saturated and wants a definite break. We will be re-evaluated in August to make sure we are moving forward. We are both very happy about our new arsenal and praying it works well.

The reason she shifted her thinking on which herbal protocol is that she herself contracted Lyme again (notice I said AGAIN) in March and this time the abx were not getting her well. She had been researching herbal protocols for 3 years, and after this last tick bite, she tried Buhner's protocol herself and saw great improvement not only with the Lyme but her MCS. She especially feels it would be a good one for me and I am determined to do the best I can to give it a shot! No room for failure ~ I am tired of drugs!

So we left her office with hope and an empty pocketbook. Now, not only will our insurance not cover her visits, but it will not cover the herbs. Still, we feel it is worth it to see if this will help us, and if it does help ~ it is truly well worth the cost. We just are very thankful we can do it.

Our LLMD is very caring, compassionate, and smart. She is always going to a new conference on Lyme, and is very thorough in finding the research to back her choices.....AND she listens to what we say. A great combination!

So, that is where we are now...Partners in Lyme and partners in our treatment protocol. I guess being married nearly 42 years, we should not be surprised!
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