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Partaking Paleo Style

Posted Aug 07 2012 11:01am
Several weeks ago I began eating the Paleo way.  Joel and I tried eating vegan and it just was not for us.  As I researched the web, I came across a facebook post where one of my mentors/friends shared that she is doing so much better health wise after eliminating all grains and legumes.  Our journeys with Lyme in the past were so similar that I decided to give it a go.  I will say up front I dOn't think this is for everyone and I certainly do not advocate for it.  I just know it is working for me.  Joel eats paleo about 85% of the, 100% .

What do I eat?  Lean meats ~ not much different than before ~ turkey and chicken.  I tried beef but my body still complains when I eat it.  Vegetables:  fresh or frozen, not much different than before except that I eat more of them...for breakfast, for lunch, sometimes for snack, for supper!  Fruits~ I am eating a few more than in the past and tolerating them although I try hard to stick to berries and still limit them to 3 servings a day.  Eggs ~more eggs than before.  Almond butter~  almond flour and coconut flour and some agave nectar and maple syrup.  I use coconut  and olive oils and eat only a few nuts.  We eat grass fed, organic, free range, hormone free.

What do I avoid?  Grains, legumes, corn, dairy, refined sugars, processed foods, most canned foods, and anything with preservatives added. 


How do I feel?  I feel great on this diet.  I have lost only about 5lbs but I have less inflammation and my clothes are a bit loose.   I have more energy and my stomach is better for the most part.  I seem to digest things better.  So, for me this is a good thing for now...maybe forever.   Along with continual prayer and praise concerning my healing, this is an added component that works well for me.   I like it.  It likes me. 

You can find all kinds of paleo lifestyles...from the extreme to the lax.  I am somewhere in the middle and not too uptight about eating the baked goods made with almond or coconut flour.  Joel and I ususally take a recipe and make it our own, creating some great tasting desserts that we are enjoying once in awhile.  Life is good in our paleo world and I expect it to continue that way. I am also expecting that as I heal more and more I will tolerate a bigger variety of meats and veggies too.  Can't wait!
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