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Onward & Upward

Posted Jan 07 2013 9:54pm

I just finished my 6th month of IV & oral antibiotics!  I am still climbing my mountain & now I’m even closer to the top.  This cycle has been the roughest by far.  But there are promising changes such as full use of my right hand, improved handwriting, & walking with improved balance.

Lyme Disease also wreaks havoc on your body with random & unusual symptoms, especially when the Lyme is dying off.  The herxing increases significantly.  It’s like a bad Saturday Night Live skit that is playing out in my life.  I experience symptoms like phantom smells or no ability to smell at all.  I woke up one night, yelled something at my MBH, & fell asleep right away.  My cognitive skills have been the biggest challenge.  I am easily confused & it’s hard to follow a conversation.

Fortunately, My Better Half (MBH) has a lot of patience.  We we are able to savor the good, laugh at the unusual symptoms (most of the time), & continue to fight.  It also gives me hope to find groups with people have been in my position & recovered significantly.

Woman Climbing A Mountain


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