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One Piece of the Puzzle

Posted Jul 21 2009 11:06pm
There is documented research that proves that Lyme Disease can be sexually transmitted. I am going to talk briefly about this delicate subject because I think it is important to keep educating people on Lyme Disease. The information I am sharing is what I have been told by our Lyme Doctor (LLMD), or info I, myself, have read in books or articles that talk about the research that has been done on the subject.

According to our Lyme specialist, Lyme Disease can be sexually transmitted from males to females, but there is little to show it is transmitted from females to males. I am sure more research is being done on the latter, since it has already been shown that some babies are born with antibodies to Lyme due to their mothers being infected with Lyme Disease while they were pregnant. In fact, Dr. Charles Jones, LLMD, has treated thousands of children with Lyme and believes many are infected with Lyme while in the womb. It is quite sobering to think about this devastating illness being transmitted in these ways, but we must face the reality of it in order to deal with and eradicate Lyme.

In hindsight, we have wondered if I was reinfected from Joel due to my health taking a turn for
the worse about a year after he got Lyme. I was doing fairly well and able to drive, shop, and do most the work at home. Then in 2000 I started to take a turn for the worse, slowly getting more and more sick, with new symptoms appearing. Nothing seemed to help, and in 2004 I became housebound. I remember wondering if it was the stress we were under, if I had been exposed to something in a large dose which caused the MCS, or if it was because I stopped my alternative therapy 2 years earlier. Our Lyme Doctor told me she thought I could have been reinfected around the year 2000 due to the turn of events with my health. This was before Joel we knew about Joel having Lyme. Muscle testing reveals I was reinfected with Lyme and Bartonella around this time. It is a possibility that I was reinfected from Joel. We will never know 100% , and it is not important except for the standpoint of right now. Are we still able to reinfect each other? It appears to be one piece of the puzzle called Lyme.

I know of or have read about other couples where both have Lyme. First one and then the other. It would make sense that it can be transmitted since Lyme bacteria is a spirochete. Hopefully more research will be done to help stop the spread of it. And hopefully, by sharing what I know here on my blog in my small corner of the world will help someone who is dealing with this themselves and looking for information or help. Does anyone else have information that they have found to be credible on this subject? Education is power!
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