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Not A Good Day

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:25pm
Today is not a good day.... Since going on the full dose of Zithromax along with the Doxycycline, every day I have an increase of pain. Joint pain, bone pain, muscle pain, and the neuropathy pain. I have started to question whether the increase in pain is due to something I am taking, from the yeast problems, or if it truly is from Lyme and Bartonella die-off. The neuropathy is the hardest for me to cope with, although having my bones feel like someone has beat on them is no fun either. I keep thinking each day will improve, but so far that is not happening.I was sent a google blog alert today and read a post by a woman who also has lyme ~ along with her children! She described the same kind of neuropathy pain. What brought me a sense of "okay, this is what is happening and I can do this" was the fact that she, too, is getting treatment and is having alot of the same symptoms I am....especially the pain. It feels like I have pins and needles all over my body ~ stronger in my arms and legs, but it is everywhere...mouth, scalp, tongue, chest, etc. etc. It also burns at the same time like you have a sunburn. My clothes hurt to wear and must be very soft...anthing really hot or cold hurts, the AIR hurts my skin...amy movement causes an increase of neuropathy, and yesterday I took a bath ~ which sent it skyrocketing and brought me to tears. Of course I want to escape this. I want to quit right now, so as not to feel what I am feeling. I have read all the literature that says herxing comes and goes and sometimes it comes and stays until you improve. I have read that with the toxins produced from die=off the symptoms get more intense than you ever felt before starting the treatment. I know that I am finally able to take a strong enough dose to now be attacking the bacteria hard. I just find it hard to cope. I need distractions...blogging helps for awhile, but it activates the pain more. TV helps, reading, some writing. But mostly right now I am curled up in my pjs under my woolie, reminding myself that I cannot quit ~ there is no going back. And I am reminding myself that I am not alone in this battle...others are also in this war. AND I am reminding myself that, unlike the woman I read about today, I am the only one in my family suffering with this ~ my kids do not have Lyme~ my husband does not have Lyme~ it could be worse. I am not deminishing what I am going through. I acknowledge it and with my whole heart I want it to go away! I also know...... it could be worse.
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