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Noah's Ark And The Wood Tick

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:25pm

I have been thinking alot lately about Noah's Ark, and I have a few questions. You might think I would want to ask if the story of Noah's Ark is real? Was such an ark built and did the world really flood for 40 days and 40 nights? Some people believe these questions have already been answered with archeologists finding snail fossils on the top of mountains and the arguments historians make for such an event. For me, questions come in another form. Why in the world, when God gave Noah instructions to bring all the animals on "two by two" did he include the mosquito and wood tick? And just where did Noah keep the mosquitos and how did he know he had a male and female? Are there both male and female mosquitos?? I expect so. And what about the woodpeckers? Were they kept somewhere special so as not to peck their own "windows" to the outside into the boat? .......Let's get back to the wood tick. What earthly good is there for a tick? They are not needed to keep the environment in balance and they certainly cause way more harm that good. If God had said to Noah, "Noah, bring all the animals on the Ark two by two, but you can forget about the ticks, it was not really my intention to create such an insect." ~~then you and I would not be having this conversation. If that had happened I would not be spending life from my sofa. I would not have contracted Lyme Disease nor would thousands/dare I say hundreds of thousands of others. Then my life would be perfect, right? Well, we know that is not true, but I can dream, can't I?!
For some reason beyond my understanding, the ticks were included on Noah's Ark ~ and here I am today...a recipient of Lyme disease from a life on my sofa from my little corner of the world. It could be least I don't have to spend my days on a boat filled with mosquitos, ticks, roaches, snakes, bats, and any other of my least favorite living things!
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