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New Years Delayed

Posted Jan 07 2013 6:00am
Being away from home all day is never good for a spoonie!  We've been living on the go since Thanksgiving and I'm so worn out that at any given moment I might actually pass out.  But I press on, for my kids & for my family.  You see, we're in the last stages on our house renovation -- putting on the finishing touches, and since they're all over the house with ladders & paint, it means the little kids needs to be out of the house.  We've already had one mishap and I really don't want another.  So everyday, I pack up my brood & we head out.  Usually with no where to go.  We run errands, we get haircuts, we nap in the car, we watch movies in the car, we go for ice cream, we hang out at grandma's, we go to the park, we go, go, go.  'Go' is not a good word for a spoonie (didn't I say that already?)  We've taken two trips and had two holidays that we haven't unpacked or settled in from, and yet we go.  I'm hoping to have one, maybe two more weeks, then I'm going to have a new New Year.  I'm going to start my new New Year like I want ... at home, resting, focusing on my family, enjoying my house, having people over in my own little controlled environment, cooking good clean food and resting.  I may have already said resting, but I'm going to say it again & again.  Resting.  Resting.  Resting.  That's my main goal for the first month of my new New Year.  An internal focus to rejuvenate my body and my soul and my spirit. Then I might look back at the previous year (like I like to do), make some goals for the new year and even think about a resolution or two, but for now, we go ...

My 2 boys on the go at the playground

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