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Neuralgia Leg Pain relief.....

Posted Feb 18 2010 3:55am

Those lovely little viruses & spirochetes were at it again; but this time I fooled them!

The RLS & PLMD neuralgia / sciatica pain in my legs flared.  Oral meds weren't helping a bit.  I was desperate!  So, decided to try something new.

*Took my oral pain meds as usual; however, I also rubbed a tiny bit of prescription strength lidocaine cream on the soles of each foot.  (Dr. had originally prescribed cream for lower back pain.)     Ta Daaa!  Got leg pain relief!!!!!!!!!  

I came up with the idea when I remembered the old-time cold relief remedy I used on my kids.  I used to rub mentholatum on the soles of their feet then had them wear warm socks to bed.  

I figured if rubbing something on your feet can relief upper respiratory congestion, why couldn't rubbing something on the feet help the legs?

Whether my train of logic was correct or not, at least I found something that helped to relieve my leg pain.

*Before trying this remember:  Prescription Lidocaine cream is regulated for a reason: if you use too much you can OD; especially if you're taking other pain meds while using it.  So, please talk to your doctor about how much you should use.










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