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Neighbor Envy

Posted Sep 03 2012 4:20pm

My neighbor across the street is a very pleasant woman.  She and her husband have lived in this neighborhood for years, raising their family in their two story home with its recent 4 season room addition.    I often see her out mowing their yard,  or tending her flowers. And on more than one occasion I have greeted her as she returned from an early morning power walk.  

This lady is tan from sitting outside watching local summer baseball games played by kids of all ages, or swimming at the local pool.  She often hops into her van and goes off to take care of a variety of errands.  She has a number of friends and is active in their church and community.

Oh, and did I mention she is 62 years old?           

She is only two years younger than me.  ......sigh......

Besides what our neighbor-who-has-no-idea-that-I-am-green-with-envy can do,  she is blessed to have all her kids and their families living here in town.  Seriously.  Knowing her, she gets it, but also cannot imagine it any other way.  

I confess at times I want to be her.  Well, at least in the energy and family-coming-to-visit categories.

I realize I am getting better.  I do have more energy.  I have some great energy days!  Today we got up, went for a ten minute walk, then I made mug muffins, we had devotions and then headed to a tourist town eight miles west of here.  We walked up and down the quaint main street looking at antiques and stopping to buy buffalo meat to try again.  A drive around the second biggest lake in Iowa, which is not so big, and we headed home for lunch.  Nice.

STILL, I desire more.  I am impatient to be walking further, out in the world more, driving again.   I have been feeling a bit blue lately........or is that green?  I long for a bigger life.  We realize our children's lives are full and happy, and we cannot plan our lives around their visit to our home.  We will never have what our neighbor or my sister here has, but we can continue to put effort into getting stronger AND focus on being grateful for all we can do and the precious times we are able to be with our family. 

Envy is such a downer and comes from focusing on what we perceive that others have and we don't.  It is seriously destructive.  So when I feel the envy demon sitting on my shoulder, I just need to shake it off and focus and the amazing blessings I do have in my life.  

Last night Joel and I watched the movie, Joyful Noise.  The story itself was a bit lame I suppose,  but the music was fantastic!  A church choir singing Sly Stone!   By the end we were both up dancing!!  Another reason to be grateful---Joel and I enjoy each other's company so much and have fun in our life of simplicity.

Hmmmm I wonder if the neighbor likes dancing late at night in her nightie :) ?? 

I already feel the blues and greens melting away. Life is good on this side of the street too!
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