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My second date went really good ...

Posted Oct 01 2009 2:11pm

My second date went really good last night.  I love her man.

I like The Buremese women.  This womans body is like something out of a painting.  It is like an ice cream cone.  This is why south east asia is such a wonderful place.  In america, I wouldnt stand a chance at such beauty.  Not with my fianances.  I feel like a new man.  I would really like to take this girl back to show off a bit.

“I figure with my current finances im set for life……  If I get shot in the head tomorrow morning”

Today I have no power.  I have been resting all day.  No more, no more, NO MORE!  more carrot juice was needed for my depleted energy sources.

I have been waking up everyother day at 5am to drink the castor oil.  Tomorrow morning I will do the same.   I have adapted to this schedule quite well.  My ass is getting so skinny and boney that it falls right in the hole of toilet seat.  I am a bit worried about losing anymore weight.  I will try and contact the gerson people about this.  iT is quite clear that my body is not utilizing the cooked foods.

The struggle continues……  at least the morale is up from last post.

Im a romantic guy….. flowers bunch here in thailand $1.10 out the door photo-0412

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