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Monopoly minus the expensive property

Posted Jan 10 2013 1:13pm

Do you ever feel like you are running really fast, just to stay in the same place?

I’m optimistic to report that I am no longer getting worse… But I also don’t feel like I’ve made any true improvement lately either. Lyme disease seems to be a bitch that way, knocking you so far down the road that to get back up your going to have to sit at some vary long stop lights, going nowhere but running your hardest just to stay there.

I think it’s time to switch up the regime. I’ve been on the same antibiotics for a few months now and although I saw drastic improvement when I started them, I seem to be at another red light. Something’s gotta change…

Eventually, the light has to turn green and assuming I don’t draw a “go to jail” card, you’d think it would be my turn to Pass GO and collect $200…. I’m tired of running and a vacation under the sun sounds delightful right about now. *sigh*

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