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Posted May 18 2013 12:36pm

Last night before bed, I attempted a cilantro poultice. I conducted this by rubbing two tincture drops on ankles and wrists. I had been prescribed this as a supposedly gentle form of detox. Well, there is a margin of error for just about anything.

I began to feel a deep ache in the joints afflicted with the cilantro and an extreme exhaustion. Then, full body pain. I nodded off and awoke two hours later with an alarming pain in my liver. I was just about to ask for help when I fell asleep again. This morning, feelings of burning issued from my gut and lower lungs, a congested pressure between my eyes mingled with difficulty focusing on objects, and of course an indescribable full body pain. All this and I am leaving for vacation this afternoon.

I believe my body is so far gone that even the most minor treatments cause a massive uproar.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring less pain.
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