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Melancholia And The Blue Planet Pill

Posted Oct 17 2012 11:30pm
Well, I had a visit with my therapist today. She has much experience treating those with addictions and was able to provide me with a greater understanding of what I am to deal with.

I've had mixed messages from all my practitioners. My psych informs me that I will have no symptoms. My doctor says I will have manageable symptoms (if treated correctly). My therapist tells me the symptoms will be great. What am I to expect? Nothing and everything. Well, that's my usual mode of operation anyway.

I feel I am thrust int Lars Von Trier's Melancholia. A film depicting a blue planet, scientifically monikered Melancholia, hurdling toward the earth, eventually slaughtering all of humanity. Light stuff. Detox is a planet of red pain crashing within me as I move with its strenuous tide attempting birth. How can I shatter this planet?

Now it is clear to me the pain I feel is due to addiction. It angers me. All sources are in cooperation over this. I am relieved by it. However, it gives me an alternate understanding of what Detox will be like. Detox.

Here is your typical withdrawal (treated as standard)Over the course of a couple days, you will begin phasing off the drug. Doctors at a clinic will give you a sedative during this time. It allows you to feel less of the pain and let you relax. Often, through the days of withdrawal you will sleep solid and not experience the pain until its half life. Now, half life is the amount of time the drug remains systemic in your blood after you have been taking the drug. For example, Xanax has a quite short half life and thus is more difficult to withdrawal from. The real pain is the half life. This is for an individual not sick. I can only imagine what I have to look forward to.

Hearing this news only solidified my fear and pain. Detox is not something to be taken lightly. That, and I am waiting another three months to ween off while working on parasitic protocols.

I'm seeing my naturopath on Monday, reading a book recommended by Dr K called The Mood Cure, and visiting with my psych in one week.

We'll see what happens until then.


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