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Posted May 26 2010 6:19pm
MAY 26, 2010
by Silver Feldman

I literally just got in from Las Vegas 40 minutes ago and I just had to write this post.  I have just passed the 6 month mark doing medsonix treatments every 4 weeks or so and here is my update.

I have improved dramatically!

When I started I had a chronic headache (pain level 5-6 out of 10 on average), fatigue (5), cognitive issues (4). Now, 6 months later, my headache is around 2-3 on average, fatigue 2, cognitive issues 2. For me this is significant!

My pain has been very quiet in the background (if that makes sense), still there but not distracting or debilitating.

Just to give you a few example, In the last 6 months I took 2 extremely intense professional art classes, worked on the set as a teleprompter operator, traveled a bit, started a vegetable garden, took a 3-day a week internship, kept up with my friends and family, wrote a cookbook (!) and lived my life the way I have wanted.

In all the treatments I have done I have made it a point to only start one thing at a time so that I know if it works or not.

I have done the same with Medsonix and have only done this treatment in the last 6 months. I have been very diligent in getting a series of treatments every month to continue my progress and see where this takes me.

It’s hard to say what will work with Lyme, given the complexity of the disease. Some treatments work for some patients but not others, but I can say for myself that I have had UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS with this treatment and I plan to continue on for the foreseeable future. I recommend giving this a try.

Of all the many treatments I have done this has been the easiest and painfree treatment that I have ever done.

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