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Posted Jan 11 2009 5:25pm
Our TV has a mind of it's own. Yesterday when I turned it on, it seemed fine but before long it was switching channels as fast at it could...without my help! Then it would go to video 1....2...3...4 and then a message would come up on the screen asking me to follow "these steps for set-up". Then it would take off again and go through all the channels. At one point it went completely blank and I thought my TV had "bit the dust". Then it popped back on and kept its frantic journey around the channels. I guess I should have started singing, "57 channels and nothing to watch"! I finally was able to turn it off manually and let it rest. When I turned it back on it was back to "normal", and acted like its manic behavior had never even occurred. I am not sure I quite trust it to last. Today, so far, I am not observing any strange behavior from my TV. Still, I am waiting for things to go awry once again.......because I know there must be something wrong with the computer board inside the TV which is causing it to malfunction.
In many ways my body seems to be acting the same way as my TV. It appears to have a mind of its own totally disconnected from me, and often what I am thinking does not correlate with how my body is acting. I think I have control with an inside "body remote" but sometimes my body just starts switching channels as fast as it can. It gives me unusual symptoms and mixed messages that cannot be controlled or ignored. At this point nothing helps but complete rest. And always I rest with the hope that it will balance itself once again. But, just like with the TV, I don't quite trust it because I know that a nasty disease is causing it to malfunction. This disease has attacked my computer board, giving my body the wrong instructions.
I know that when I start to feel stronger, healthier, or have symptoms subside, I don't quite trust what my body is telling me. It has fooled me body has been fooled a malfunction that is not in my control.

So now in the morning when I wake up ~ I will proceed with caution....with my body AND my TV! Remember that Sesame Street song...."Conjunction...junction...what's your function??"
Today I am singing....Malfunction....function...what's your function??"
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