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Lyme, Lyme, Go Away

Posted Jul 08 2012 1:09pm

The lyme has been awakened & alerted that it is no longer welcome in my body.  Those cells, where the lyme have been living comfortably for years, are slowly evicting the lyme.  I am starting to feel the effects of the first treatment, knowing that this will intensify in the coming days & weeks.

The PICC line was inserted successfully, including a compliment card to the outstanding nurse!  Then we went to the doctor’s office for my first fusion & a lesson on how to take care of the PICC line.  It was like cramming for an exam to become a nurse in just a few hours!  We left the doctor with a suitcase full of supplies IV antibiotics then the pharmacy with boxes of materials & supplies.

Please pray as I have 2 antibiotic fusions per day, starting tomorrow, 3 days per week.  On the other 4 days, I have a saline IV that will help to clear out the lyme as it dies.

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