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Lyme Disease: Why Don’t I Feel Better?

Posted Dec 03 2010 7:00pm

The question that dominates most Lyme Disease Forums is why don’t I feel better, even after doing everything I can think of to get well. lymeribbon

The dominant protocols are conventional medicine’s Long-term antibiotics, and natural medicine protocols; such as the Zhang Protocol, The Cowden Protocol, The Klinghardt Protocol, and The Jernigan Perfect-7 Protocol. The reality is that no canned protocol, natural or conventional, can doeverything and cover every potential health issue. Most if not all of the natural protocols are designed to address the most common issues that lead to illness in Lyme disease. None of the protocols can address every issue, since not every issue needing to be corrected can be fixed with a pill or nutritional supplement. For example, if you dislocate your finger there isn’t a pill in the world that can correct that finger. You must find a doctor with the knowledge necessary to correctly adjust that dislocated finger, and then there may be some pills that will help it heal faster. If a person is diligent with any given protocol and is still not getting better or is even feeling worse, they should seek out professional help. As a matter of fact all of the doctors whose protocols are listed above do not actually use their own protocols in their clinics! At the Hansa Center for Optimum Health we bring to bear an incredible array of healing modalities and techniques in functional diagnosis and treatments in order to facilitate the removal of everything that is interfering with your body’s ability to repair and regenerate what has been damaged. Every doctor can only go as far as they have been taught so for years our doctors have gone out of their way to travel the world learning from the best healing philosophies. Come let us help you.

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