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Lyme disease and extreme thirst?

Posted by Marianne M. Facebook

Ive had lyme since 1992 for years now I had the joint pain and headaches but, the extreme thirst is something that  I passed off as "normal".BUT its been getting worse. Does any one have any ideas if there is a relation between Lyme and thirst?

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I believe there is a relation of extreme thirst (polydipsia) to Babesia. Candida in the form of thrush can also have excessive thirst as a symptom.

Check out Babesia symptoms here: 

When inflammation is high in your body it can have an affect on ADH...  (antidiuretic hormone) which causes increase thirst.  Check out  Dr. Richie Shoemakeer's site www. inflammation causes hypothalamus deregulation and hence many hormones become inbalanced.



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