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Lyme Disease – Lyme Treatment

Posted Dec 19 2011 12:00am
eHealthOptions asked: presents alternative for Lyme disease. Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and contracted from the bite of an infected black-legged tick. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 30000 cases of Lyme disease in the United States in 2009. noted Lyme disease is found in all areas of the United States, but the east, midwest, and west coast have the highest incidence rates. Symptoms of Lyme disease include fevers, headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, and a localized skin rash. In some people, the rash occurs in a circular pattern that looks like a target, called erythema migrans. The rash appears at the tick bite location between a few days and a month after a tick bite and the Lyme infection. Additionally, the Lyme rash can spread eventually to other locations on the body. For more information visit For more information visit Ozone Autohemotherapy Properly controlled and administered Ozone is useful for many ill people. Normal human cells are not harmed by the oxidation of properly prepared ozone because they have naturally occurring antioxidants to protect them. On the other hand, viruses, bacteria, and many parasites do not have antioxidants protecting them because they do not use oxygen to live as human cells do. When the ozone comes in contact with viruses, bacteria, and parasites they are easily killed. The Hitt Wellness Center

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