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Living Below Zero

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:50pm
I as talking to my husband a couple of days ago and he asked me to rate how I was feeling ... not a new concept. Doctors use rating scales all the times for everything from fatigue to pain levels; however when I tried to explain it, it came out a different way so I thought I'd share. Specifically, we were talking about sleep and energy. I said that basically, I feel like sleep gets me to ZERO. Then anything I do during the day puts me back below zero. So for instance, I may feel good when I first wake up, but getting dressed, eating breakfast and watching littleA for a bit puts me back down in the negative numbers. A nap will push me back up to zero, but lunch and anything else I do and I'm back down again. It feels like I can never get ahead .... On a positive note, I think I am SLOWLY coming back up to positive .... I may be hovering in the single digits today :) yay! If I can just keep the slow progression up, I may be able to get -- and hopefully keep -- myself from dipping below zero.
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