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“I have been doing 4 diffe ...

Posted Oct 01 2009 2:11pm

“I have been doing 4 different coffee enemas a day.  It usually takes me about 3 times at 14 minutes each.  Therefore, 12 times a day I am laying in my bed inserting a tube into my ass and shitting after wards.   Every other day I am drinking castor oil at 5am, laying in bed nautious for 4 hours then shitting my brains out.  My regular day consists of defecating 12-15 times a day.  I still have a raging bladder infection and have to experience painful urination all day and night as well.  Shitting myself has become a normal routine like getting the newspaper in the morning ”

This is an answer to the frequent question from people of recent.  Questions such as “Steve, what are you doing lately?”  and “Steve, what are you doing for work?”  and “What is so hard about drinking carrot juice all day?”  and “why dont you want to go out tonight?” oh and my favorite….. “you are lazy”

“do you feel as though you have been rehabilitated”?

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