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It Could Be Better!

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:25pm
I ended my last post with the words, it could be worse...It could always be worse.

After ending up in bed with my Woolie, pj's, heated rice sock, and my favorite reading material, I starting looking back over the past 3 weeks. My health has steadily gone down hill and I needed to sort out why. It is not always possible to connect the dots, but I had to try...and what else was there to do while I lay in bed~ choice 1 was to count the dots on my 70's "popcorn"ceiling...choice 2- connect the dots that put be back into bed! Choice 2 seems more productive.
I know one week in the past 3 included a trip to the NAET practioner, my Lyme Doctor, a short visit with old friends the same day, and also 5 1/2 hrs in the car traveling were very exhausting. Add to that the "motley crew" here siding our house on that Friday and Sat. AND that Sat. night 4 high school friends stopping by for a 2 hr visit and I set myself up for a crash ~ big time... Not only with exposures, adreneline surges, but way too many "out of my energy envelope" events at one time. I was thrilled with the visits and doctor reports, but that was not enough to keep my body stabilized . The following week a bad exposure to paint knocked me on my fanny for several days. Definitely the set back is due to me acting like a "civilian" ~ one of those healthy human being types ~ and from exposures to chemicals, but the high levels of intense pain were increasing with each new day.
I am waivering on whether to cut back on my Zithromax. I know that the pain elevated with the increased dose...I expected that. But I did not expect it to last so very long ..I expected it to be about 2 weeks of nasties and then an improvement. That's not happening!
****CFS Warrior left me a comment in which she shared that Bartonella herxes are really bad. I truly did not know that, as I have done little research on my co-infections. I did look up symptoms of Bartonella and know that I have most of them ~ right down to the "peculiar lumps and nodules down the sides of your legs and in your arms". My legs are covered with these painful lumps. Just touching them makes me yelp at times. Several are swollen right now to a larger size so maybe that means the Zithro is attacking them. How do I know they are swollen? My husband does a pain releasing technique that my doctor taught him that causes these lumps to dissolve for awhile...he worked on releasing them in my legs last night and said he noticed they are were larger. Maybe...just maybe the Bartonella is dying in the deep tissue of my legs. More research is needed, more thoughts need to be processed, and a call to my doctor is in the works.
For now, I am on hold with the Zithromax and still viewing life mostly from a horizontel position.
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