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Is Your Lyme Doctor At Fault?

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:02pm
Hi Everyone,

This is a most pressing concern that I should address immediately. I have a lot of people asking me about which doctor they should see.

In fact, I get as many people asking me about doctors as I do people telling me that they’re upset about being misdiagnosed OR not getting the care they needed OR a doctor telling them that there’s no reason to test for Lyme.

I have to tell you right now, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news goes like this: no one doctor will ever have all of your answers. The most upsetting part about my journey (and it happens with most of us who have these strange complex autoimmune disorders like Lyme) is that doctors reach their plateau or comfort level when treating their patients. Most doctors have a certain belief on how Lyme should be treated (or any other disease.) Most doctors will not be actively going to seminars to learn the latest and they will at some point be limited in their ability to treat you.)

I’m not bashing the medical world. My grandfather was president of the South Carolina Medical Association. There’s an entire town in South Carolina that thinks he’s the greatest thing since Jesus Christ and I’m not exaggerating. Everyone in town is named “Perry” because he and his father and brother delivered almost every person in town, so they named their kids after them. The love of healing and curing and treating people runs deeps in my family.

It runs so deep that I was going to be a doctor, but in college I had a terrible food allergy and after seeing numerous doctors who just wanted to prescribe something for me, I lost my desire for it, particularly after realizing it was because I was gluten-intolerant, meaning I don’t do so well eating wheat, barley and other gluten containing foods. Not one specialist I went to see said, “Maybe it’s something you’re eating.” DUH.

The only time I could really get angry at a doctor during my Lyme ordeal was when I went to see the premiere Lyme Disease specialist in the Southeast and when I asked him about success rates (overall rates and success with certain medications), he could not tell me. I found this to be a huge disservice, as I believe if he really wanted to cure people, he would know what his success rates were.

You should be prepared ahead of time that to defeat Lyme takes multiple heads put together. It takes listening to people who have had success. Stop thinking you’re so different. Lyme Disease is Lyme Disease and almost every person with it has had multiple co-infections. That’s just part of it.

I can go even further and say people who get Lyme all have certain variables that are totally out of whack, but they can be corrected. The health of all individuals adheres to certain fundamentals… Which means I’m no different than YOU.

Be prepared to see different doctors and get different opinions. If you had a brain tumor, would you let your general practitioner operate on you or dictate the treatment to get? Heck, No! You would see MULTIPLE experts in different healthcare fields. You might see a Specialized Surgeon to take the tumor out and then see a Chinese Medicine Doctor to build your immune system back up. The people who do this have the most success, because there is so much out there you can’t expect one doctor to have all the answers. So don’t be frustrated or angry at your current doctor. They probably specialize in certain treatments and that’s their comfort zone, so respect it. Take what you need from each and appreciate their effort. Just know you’re going to have to move on at some point. Use your gut instinct to make that decision as to the time to move on.

During my ordeal I knew when I had reached a plateau with an individual doctor or healthcare provider and a certain kind of treatment and then it was ON TO THE NEXT BEST THING. I saw every type of person in every type of niched health care philosophy. Some things worked and some things were a waste of time.

People think beating Lyme Disease in a few years time is an awesome accomplishment. I think I could have done it in a year and some change had I known what to try. I didn’t have the luxury of knowing someone who had “been there and done that.” I was terribly depressed about the unknown, but I was certainly not paralyzed by it. The only way to get out of a situation is to take action. So my feelings were if nobody can help me, I will just figure it out myself.

At that time there were some Lyme forums with people taking about which medication they were on but nothing revolutionary. If I asked a question I got, “sorry you’re screwed, but don’t worry, some medications might make you feel better.” I thought, “Rip my heart out, why don’t ya?” I never went back.

The good news: You found me. I’m no Holy Grail, but you might be sick for a reason if you haven’t utilized me as a resource yet. I obviously can’t talk about everything in my newsletters for fear of it being construed as medical advice. I can’t even call it a “consult.”

The bottom line: You’re wasting time, money and your life by sitting around spinning in circles if you haven’t contacted me yet. Empowering yourself with knowledge means you can take control of the situation. It means you can seek out the right treatments and you will know immediately if it’s best for you or what you should do next. It means you take control of your own destiny. It means having a direction and path and plan of action that will lead to success.

Having WONDERFUL, multiple disciplinary doctors is great, but the TREATMENTS & Knowledge (and I should say some Diagnostic Testing) are the real stars.

Email Arden to get some serious “coaching.”

The Doctors Today

Yep, I talked about it before and it’s on TV this today on CBS. “The Doctors” are doing a show about staying safe during the summer. I’m interviewed on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (which was one of my co-infections.) They didn’t want to talk about Lyme (since they had already done a show on that, so no frowny faces, at least they covered a tick born illness which means they are up on the times.) It was hard for me not to mention Lyme Disease, but I did what I was told to do. I do that occasionally.

Dr. Handsome (oops, I mean Dr. Stork) had some interesting things to say about how he treats RMSF in an ER environment. (He’s an ER doctor.) Some people who get it must go to the hospital immediately and it does become life threatening.

Check your local listings to see when it comes on in your area.

Lyme Rally

The Lyme Rally in SC was yesterday and my next newsletter will be on what I found surprising. You don't want to miss it. Go to and sign up for my newsletter if you have not already.

Expect the Best,


P.S. I just got my first email from a Lymie who has started using the aloe I suggested in the last newsletter and she said after 3 days she’s already noticing a huge difference with her inflammation symptoms (like itchy burning skin.) When I mention a product or treatment, take it seriously. I’m telling you things I know to be of high quality that work.

The superstar aloe is here:
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