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Internal Cleansing To Fight Lyme Disease Damage and To Beer or Not To Beer

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:02pm

The Internal Cleanse

Back from my first Triathlon this past weekend in Charleston, SC, I’m ready to do one of the last major cleanses for this year. I really do believe that many health issues can be resolved when we detox ourselves fully and so far I’ve been feeling the effects of them!

I have a high school friend who likes to do something “crazy”once a year for her birthday. Last year we biked from Philly to DC in 4 days on mountain bikes (that’s about
80-100 miles a day on trails!).
Since I turn the same age at the end of the year, naturally I always take her up on her challenges.

I decided to go for the triathlon simply because I knew training a little for it would prepare me for this fall when I go train at altitude (the beginning of the training for the U.S. Indoor World Championships in Qatar).

But after doing only 3 training swims (first time swimming since 2003) and doing 5 “bike and runs” on the weekends, I had no idea I would place 3rd in the Open/Elite division.
In fact, I rode a mountain bike with hybrid tires and naturally I had to work OVERTIME to try to stay up with the others…which I didn’t and I probably lost about 10 minutes over the 13 miles we rode. Those 10 minutes would have put me in first place!

I was so impressed by some of the older men and women there who were sooo FIT. It was beyond impressive. One guy passed me on his bike. Well, actually lot of guys passed me on the bike part, but since our ages are clearly marked on our calves, I noticed one man who was 59
who flew past me
. Gosh, I really need to get a road bike, but it wasn’t like I was standing still by any means!

I should also mention that I kept remembering to drink while riding which I noticed many who weren’t and I think that’s why I blew past everyone on the run.

I noticed many who got off their bikes and immediately had “Charlie Horses” in their calves…but I had the secret weapon. Guess what it was? Taste Sensitive Electrolytes !
They tasted like pure salt while I was biking (which indicates I was in desperate need of it. Everyone else had their “GU” packets but other than providing a quick dose of glucose and perhaps a little caffeine and protein, it didn’t give them their electrolytes properly. I had one of these packets in addition to the electrolytes, so I had everything covered!

.....So I’m hooked on triathlons and will be probably doing more of these to build a base for the rest of my track and field career because I believe it’s going to prepare me for the long racing season.

It was a lot of fun and it is a really good fun sport to plan for participating in if you’re sick. I always say you have to have real physical goals when you’re ill, because saying you just want to feel better is way too VAGUE.

*Met a few nice people who had Lyme
Disease and friends with Lyme Disease at the Tri (all because of my Lyme Disease shirt ).

Yep, I'm trying out a frequency ( I Wasn't Lying) see my necklace. :)

To Beer or Not To Beer

Well, I should also admit that I had 7 beers the night before the triathlon and I didn’t sleep at all because I was bitten some months earlier by a tick ( see this newsletter here ) at this friend’s house INDOORS on her couch. So when I arrived at 12:00 midnight I couldn’t
sleep because I kept thinking ticks were crawling on me. And then at 5:00 am we were up getting ready!

Now, the truth is when I get serious when running I may have a beer every now and then (which means once a month, if that much), but drinking alcohol does two things that aren’t helpful.

One…it can rob your body of IRON (once you go deficient it takes months to get it back).

Secondly… it taxes your liver and you people who are sick (or just training hard physically) shouldn’t be putting any unnecessary burden on your liver. In most
people, it’s super taxed already…especially those with LYME!

So I say stay away from the "Amber Fluids" and also the Burgundy Fluids (that would be wine) for now. And liquor is an absolute NO-NO. You get no benefits from this at all unless you’re just trying to get sloppy drunk or sloppy sick.

....Back To Cleansing

With the actual bacteria in check, keeping your nutrients balanced and detoxing are probably two of the most important things you can do to repair your body and move on with your life.

One of my reasons for having “wild” success is because I’m getting rid of toxins I’ve accumulated for YEARS (30 years to be exact). And boy does it feel good to get rid of them!

I don’t suggest anyone who is seriously battling Lyme and who has all kinds of OTHER issues which need to be taken care of do any kind of major internal cleanse. (Do you want to know about all of the OTHER issues in detail? See Arden for getting coaching from me. )

It can be tough on the body and some people will have “healing crisis” or “herx reactions” because their body is going to be dumping so much of its waste and it can be physically taxing.

It’s a once a year type of thing for people who are healthy and are not totally in the middle of beating back Lyme. You know who you are!

This is the internal cleanse I’m doing right now

It’s a lot of a lot of and it’s worth it!

And having my nutrients balanced on top of that makes this cleanse work BIG TIME. Because all of the essential nutrients in your body go towards the processes that help you
eliminate waste and repair damage done to your organs
(from Lyme and from toxins and even medications).

If you haven’t balanced your nutrients yet , shame on you!

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Here’s what another Tick Slayer just wrote me a few weeks ago about it:

"Hey, I've been on the Vitamin Kit now for 30 days and I have noticed a big difference in my
health. More energy, alittle less pain, and more mental and emotional strength. I've even started getting out of the house for a few hours each day the lastcouple of weeks. Wow what a difference
its made for me just feeling productive and useful. Now I'm not stupid, I still need to pace myself, take a nap each afternoon, get off my feet, etc... but if you saw me two months
ago vs. today, you'd be saying SHAMWOW
! So thanks for encouraging me to try the
kit. "

Jace D
Ammon, Idaho

** Shamwow is a registered Trademark (it's a towel that soaks up everything and I guess you say SHAMWOW when you use it! Please see link, it's pretty funny and I heard it works also.)

While I’m training and racing, I will be doing much simpler things to detox because I think it’s DETRIMENTAL TO MY HEALTH and CONTINUAL MAINTENANCE.

It’s just impossible to do massive ones like this and not feel the effects, which means my training would suffer and it might not be so prudent to be pushing physically so hard while so much of your body’s energy should and WILL be going to detoxing and repairing. So the time is now. You figure out when the time is right for you.

And if you need a real plan and approach (on many things not mentioned in the newsletters), get some coaching from me!

See ya later Tick Slayer,


Ready for a real plan and tired of being sick?
Contact Arden For Lyme Coaching with Perry.

What Fellow Tick Slayers Are Saying:

"Most Valuable Resource I Have EVER Received..."


"...I Wish That I Spoke To Perry First Before Doing Anything!"

"Information That You Can't Find Elsewhere...She Is On The Cutting Edge Such That Some Information Really Leaves You Astonished.."

P.S. Could HPU (KPU) Be Making You SICK and Tired?

In a past newsletter ( see this newsletter here ) I wrote about how a well known LL MD, said 80% of his Lyme patients had HPU (false term is called KPU) and how it can be responsible for chronic fatigue and it this metabolic sickness basically, disarms the immune system by depleting the body of minerals like zinc. Zinc is also what is used to squash the problem!

Dr. Mercola wrote me and told me that tasting zinc doesn't work. I'm still in a debate about
this. I personally believe the effectiveness of John Kitkoski's taste sensitive minerals. I've had an explosively good reaction with them! I have tried to taste zinc tablets before but it always tasted terrible and seem to do nothing. But using the liquid zinc in the kit has always been taste sensitive (either good or it turns bad when I've had my fill).

For those who are using the taste sensitive minerals , I would double or triple my
suggested drop dosage
on the bottle until the "whammy" starts to taste strange or NOT SO DELICIOUS (you know the drill) and then you can back off of the zinc part until you want to test yourself again to see if you need it.....

Because there is a good chance you probably have HPU and you can combat it this way. ..and
this is probably why it's not an issue with me.

P.P.S. Know someone who is sick? Know someone you think might have Lyme Disease and they don’t know it? Tell them you care by forwarding this newsletter to them or go to to sign up!

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