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Insomniac retreats into hibernation

Posted Mar 01 2013 3:41pm

I’ve been really bad at posting lately but its only because I’ve been sleeping more and when I’m not sleeping I surprisingly have energy to like almost be a normal person. Maybe it’s because I am finally getting enough sleep to wake up and want to do something other than sleep or maybe its the new meds working but either way, I’ve been feeling pretty good between the hours of noon and 10pm. It’s a good start….

I’ve been on the new supplements and antibiotics for almost two weeks now and I think they are helping. Other than the fact that I am sleeping A LOT, I have been feeling pretty good and the sleeping all the time could just be my body getting used to all the new supplements and medications (I seem to get sleepy whenever I start any new med). I haven’t been in too much pain the last two weeks either. I’ve actually had some pretty good days except for the last two nights when I woke up at 2am with sever muscle cramping in my legs and a burning sensation in my feet/hands. This is a new symptom for me.. most the time my pain is in my back/ribs or head. I guess its a good thing that the pain is moving around but its really annoying and pretty painful actually.

I met with my doctor at Abbott on Wednesday and we went over my blood tests… I wish I could explain what my blood tests showed but I really had no idea what the dr. was talking about the entire time. I swear he wasn’t speaking english but the fact that all I could think about was the BSM vs. Wayzata section final hockey game later that night could of been a factor (by the way, so proud of my little brother! Great season!). Anyway, to my understanding all my labs were messed up. There is a color coordinated lab results chart that I will post once I get cause the chart is way easier to understand than me trying to explain it. Basically, I am lacking a lot of things and I am off the charts in others, literally. The doctor couldn’t really explain why this was and told me that my body just doesn’t absorb protein/carbs or vitamins.. cool… He also said  ”out of the 600 patients I’ve done these blood tests on, I’ve never gotten this weird of results. I have some homework to do.” I wish I could of been surprised when he said that but I’m pretty used to people telling me somethings wrong, they have no idea why and I am weird.
Story of my life.

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