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Insomnia island

Posted Jan 17 2013 7:25am

Welcome to insomnia island. Population: Me.

Ready. Set. Rant:

It is currently 6am and I’ve been up since 3am with a fever and throwing up. *yay*
I haven’t really updated this in a while but on Sunday I decided to take a “medicine vacation” which is not to be confused with a “medicated vacation”. We thought it would be a good idea to let my body relax from all the medicine…. But god forbid anything ever be easy or work out the first time around. I feel like I’ve only gotten worse since I stopped the meds. I’m not really sure why or how that is but.. Well… Yeah…

Anyway, I’ve had this weird fever that has been coming and going lately which is sorta concerning because my normal temp is 96.6 and its been getting up to 99.8 (which is high for me) but at the same time it’s not concerning at all because I have Lyme disease and that pretty much gives me a “get out of worrying free” card since random shit is alway happening to my body and no one knows why.

Also, I ended up in the emergency room again last night because the pain in my head got so bad *ugh*. I honestly don’t know how I keep ending up in the ER. They rarely ever actually help me and without fail I end up leaving feeling like a moron because I have a disease most doctors think is cured with 30 days of doxy. Blah. Blah. Blah. Like dude, if I could be cured with 30 days of doxy, I would be that happiest person on the planet but like its just not a thing.

Oh and I may or may not be teaching emergency room yoga now….

Just kidding… That’s not a thing either.

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