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If I am lucky, which it seems ...

Posted Dec 11 2011 4:09am
If I am lucky, which it seems I am terminally not, the Azithromycin-Mepron-Minocycline triage of antibiotic therapy will end sometime next week. I am hoping for the best, a first in my cynical case.

I seem to find much stability in Atheism. I feel more naturally aligned with myself and my human purpose when under its influence. I have been asked, "Then what is the point of your life?". Make of it what you will. The point is rather sharp at times. For instance, this Summer I suffered a nervous breakdown in which all aspects of my world shattered. However, as I had nothing to loose, I rebuilt my life by finding this pointed, appointed purpose. Sadly, it had to do with a creativity that seems to elude me, however brash my attempt for it. Anyway, a poor persuasion left upon the shambles of my fingers.

I write now simply for (above myself) those that know me. I have had little else left. Else left being the opposite of boredom.

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