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I was tested positive for Lymes Disease and I need to seek an educated Lymes Disease Professional. Can you help me find one?

Posted by yelpir1812

I need to find a Lyme Disease Medical Doctor ASAP!! All doctors have treated me like I'm crazy just because I'm in Michigan. My symptoms are getting worse after the positive test but NO ONE will help!! I'm scared and I feel so alone.
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It's alright! You've done the hard part, you have a diagnosis. I've come across many people in a similar position, and I was one of them. This is a reputable link:

Finding a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) can sometimes mean travel, but it is absolutely imperative that you find one. A while ago I wrote a long post about finding the right doctor. Mainly, you want someone who is aware of these things:

1) Biofilm

2) Herxheimer Reaction

3) the need for long term antibiotics

4) someone who listens to you and includes your feedback in the treatment plan

5) Co-infections (this includes Babesia, Ehrlichea, Bartonella, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) 

6) Yeast

A great resource for other Lymies is 'Lyme Friends' (a social networking site). I hope you find the right doctor. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.



Look at site  On first page go to flash discussions.  It is a huge site.  They will direct to a LLMD. (Lyme doctor)
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