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I'm crashed from my day yester ...

Posted Mar 23 2010 1:15pm
I'm crashed from my day yesterday. I had an appointment with my SSDI attorney to prepare for my hearing which is three weeks from today. It was the first time I'd met with him in person since 2008 when he agreed to take my case. I like him and appreciate the fact that he was empathic. He started out by saying "I've really gone over your case so I'm aware of what is going on with you. It sounds awful." I replied that it's been pretty rough.

It was emotional because we went over my work history. At one point I had to stop because I could feel the sob coming (or "the ugly cry" as Oprah calls it). I looked out the window then back at my attorney and said softly, "I loved my career." Then we went over all the reasons I can't work etc....He said in the SSDI process being highly educated having a PhD and under 50 works against me but, he thinks I have a strong case. I found myself thinking back to the day of my dissertation defense. Little did I know that almost 4 years later I'd find myself sitting in an attorney's office fighting for SSDI.

I was upset to discover that not only has my doctor not sent his curriculum vitae nor the two questions but he has also not sent the last chart note documenting my last visit with him 4 weeks ago. The chart note is simply a matter of faxing one page to my attorney.

The six emails I've sent have still not been responded to. It's not only the SSDI information I need although my attorney said to let him do that work but he hasn't followed through with 2 medical referrals. It's very strange that nothing has been done and it feels bad. I'm not sure what else to do but I will be writing a letter of complaint. I hate feeling so powerless.

After the appt with my attorney I had to go see the podiatrist about my toe problems. The podiatrist said I need to take Lamisil for 3 months to get rid of the toe fungus that I've caught. Two surgeries and 5 staph infections later I now have a silly fungus that needs treatment. I can't let it go because of how easily I get infections but Lamisil carries some risk of permanent liver damage as well as some other side effects. I need to find out if there is anything else I can take because I really don't want to risk the liver damage.

So today I'm crashed. That was the most activity I've been able to do in six months.

Today I'm in bed listening to the ipod touch I got over the weekend. I think every ME/CFS patient should have one. It's really fun.

I'm going to do a seperate post on Mestinon this week because it has really helped my orthostatic intolerance and I think anyone who has severe OI should try this medication. Unless it was coincidence starting Mestinon has allowed me to go from being bedbound over 22 hours per day to being up and around a bit more.
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