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I Apologize For Not Posting More to This Blog, and I'm Going to Be Better From Now On

Posted Jun 18 2009 1:51pm
Silver and Bev      
This is us.  Don't we look really good in these pictures?  That's because they were professionally done by pro photographer Bradley Ross here in the LA area.  Lymies are generally broke, due to our health insurers not paying for our care, and the Feldmans are no exception.  356932631_mtxNJ-Ti With two parents who are freelancers in the entertainment business, no one has a regular paycheck or even a real job.  So we're not ever seriously thinking about getting nice pictures of ourselves.  Anyway, one day I was doing a prompting job (I have a teleprompting service -- ), and I was prompting a woman who had lost her daughter at eight years old to a condition she had from birth.  It was a very sad story. 
The Mom had to deal with numerous caregivers, treatments, and medications, and so she created a system to deal with everyone and everything, which she called the EMMA System, after her daughter. Tom and I had done much the same thing with Silver's illness, and we knew how hard it was to do, and how helpful her system could be to stressed-out families.  She's trying to get underwritten so that she can give this system away to families taking home complex-care children from the hospital.  She had come out from the east for this video shoot about the EMMA System, and was being helped by her brother, Bradley Ross.

At the end of the day Bradley offered to trade me his services as a still photographer for my services to his sister.  You are looking at some of the results. 
What's really hard to convey is how much fun we had that day.  It's not just Bradley: it's also Dallas Dinocente, his right-hand hair and makeup stylist.  She made me look better than I deserve, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Dallas is a former runway model, and boy, you can tell.  She's about 6 feet tall and absolutely STUNNING.  Here's Bradley's site:

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