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i am pregnant with lyme disease what do i do? I'm already on 20 days of antibiotics.

Posted by heather

i waa diagnosed with lyme disease in 2006. I was treated with iv antibiotics in the Hospital for a week then sent home with a pic line for another 30 days. Symptoms went away and life went on. In Dec. 2010 i started havind heart palpitations and they told me it was anxiety attacks. Then the numbness came back and sure enough i'm positive for lyme..Again. I also just found out i am pregnant. Is the course of cefuroxime axetil 250 mg 2x a day for 20 days enough?
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NO, you need to find a doctor who is willing to treat you longer.  A few weeks of antibiotics is what the CDC suggest, but any lyme-literate doctor will tell you different. I am currently being treated for lyme and have been for almost 11 months.  We plan to have kids in a few years and my dr has suggested that I go on antibiotics to be sure I do not pass it onto the fetus.  Please look at Dr. Burrascano's work and see his course of treatment.  If you continue to do short-term treatments the lyme will only get worse and you will never fully fight the disease.  A pregnancy or any sort of trauma to your body can reactivate the lyme also, so please seek good medical attention.   
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