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Here I Am

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:25pm
Last week when I took my 5 days of Zithromax it went so well I was excited....thinking hey we are over the hump and I can handle this now. This week from the get go I was having a lot more symptoms. Add to that a couple of very stressful days, a financial diippity do, a big exposure to gasoline fumes, and it being the week before Christmas for a pastor and his wife/family...and I should not be surprised that after 9 hrs of sleep (filled with Zithro dreams) I am finding it hard to be vertical. I am not really surprised...but I am saddened about it. I was hoping that my health level had stabilized the past several weeks, but I am learning that nothing really stays on an even keel with Lyme and CFS. They are affected greatly by....well, EVERYTHING! And the past two weeks we have had al ot of everything come into our lives.
Now some people would say you don't have to let outside stresses and circumstances cause you problems ~ it is all in your attitude and how you handle what comes your way.....and I would an extent. And then I would ask them, "When you have a bad case of the flu and have been sick in bed for a few it as easy to handle life and what comes your way?" My body has had a bad case of flu and worse for the past 24 yrs~ it is not a matter of letting stress affect my body, it just does." On the other hand, we can do things to take care of ourselves when we are finding ourselves in a crash or relapse.
When we live with chronic illnesses, the best thing we can do when life throws punches that hit the mark is to stay down for the count! Give your body what it asks for, surround yourself with everything that brings you comfort, listen to soothing music, only watch relaxing TV, and protect yourself as best you can from outside stress until.......until you are able to be on your feet again. Fighting it won't help, trying to push through it won't help, denying it won't help, crying about it won't help. Acceptance is the best course of action....or non=action!
So, today, I am going to view life from my sofa sanctuary, watch it snow, listen to my favorite Christmas music, and once in awhile spend a few minutes in my recliner writing on my laptop.
It is what it is. Here I am.
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