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Posted Jun 03 2012 11:43am
There are many disorders involving the digestive system that a person can be labeled with.Some of these conditions are Crohn's disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Candida Yeast, Colitis, etc. Except for the Candida, none of these terms or labels describe the cause.

 For about 8 years I was ill with what I was told was Candida yeast overgrowth. I had developed many chemical and food sensitivities and digestive disturbances during this time. One of the theories behind the yeast connection is that Candida burrows itself into the wall of the digestive tract and creates larger holes which allows foreign material into the blood stream.This in turn creates allergic and autoimmune responses. Following a sugar free diet did help some....but.....I had dramatic improvement in this area when treated for the Lyme disease which I had had all along but wasn't aware of it.. The Lyme spirochete in it's corkscrew shape also burrows into the intestines and can create holes where particles foreign to the blood stream can enter. My naturopath was very surprised to learn that many of my digestive problems and my chemical and food sensitivities improved immensely after being treated about a year for Chronic Lyme disease. The general thought in the naturopathic community is that antibiotics will actually create this "leaky gut" problem and certainly not help to heal it. However,my naturopath immediately stated that perhaps the antibiotics killed the spirochetes which then allowed my gut to heal. This is apparently what happened.

 It's certainly not good to take antibiotics indiscriminately but if  powerful probiotics in the form of supplements and fermented foods are taken along with the antibiotics, many experience no problems and end up receiving huge benefits

The doctor in the important video below speaks of his own experiences  concerning this issue. Lyme disease, like its close cousin Syphilis, is called the Great Imitator. Learn about his digestive diagnoses and what cured him.

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