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Happy Dance Day

Posted Feb 01 2012 9:49pm
Just getting ready to head off to bed and thinking about this past week and all that has been going on in my corner of the world.  Actually, in my body.  Last Wed. I had my annual mammogram. On Thursday I got a call saying they wanted to take more pictures...nothing suspicious, but a change in the left breast.   So I went in Friday for another, more magnified mammogram.  Before I left I was told that the change now looked "mildly suspicious" and I would need a breast needle biopsy.  We scheduled it for Tuesday of this week. 

Four years ago I had a needle biopsy and it was benign.  Two years ago I had uterine cancer and went through surgery for that.  Now another needle biopsy.  I confess that fear raised its ugly head.  You see, my mom had breast cancer at age 70, my oldest sister at age 60 and my other older sister had cervical cancer in her 30's.  I was diagnosed with uterine cancer two years ago at age 62.  All of us survived those cancers and all but my mom are still living.  Still, the word suspicious can cause me more than a little anxiety.

The procedure went very well...lots of prayers going up for it to go well and quickly..and it.could not have gone better!  The results came in late today~ benign...all benign.  A fibroedonoma..always benign.  Sigh.  Joel and I have been doing the "Happy Dance" since 4:20pm central time!

I have been reflecting on the range of emotions I went through during this time.  Such a roller coaster ride.  Facts:  9 out of 10 of these kinds of biopsies are benign.  Emotions:  I have been on the receiving end of being the 1 out of 10 who had a malignant biopsy before (uterus).  Facts:  the needle biopsy is relatively easy.  Emotions:  Anytime you are on a table with your breast being poked over and over with a needle to inject lidocane, and then a nice size needle goes inside and takes out several samples of tissue while you lay in an awkward position....not cool.  Facts:  The staff are kind, caring, and very good at what they do.  Emotions:  It is my what ifs.  Facts:  Recovery is pretty easy most of the time.  Emotions:  A bit of pain, a bit of bleeding, a bit of big deal.  Emotionally....a big deal.  Facts:  Takes about 1 1/2 days to get the results.  Emotions:  It takes 1 1/2 days to get the results!

So, I am looking forward to a good night's sleep and giving thanks more times than I can count for my good report.  I am sure in a couple of days I will be back on track, but I bet you I will still be doing a happy dance!
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