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Happy Belated New Year...

Posted Jan 03 2010 6:53pm
I can't believe my last post was on December 19. Time flies....  

I don't think there is much more in the way of affordable treatments left although if I could I would try stem cells.

Low Dose Naltrexone didn't work for me. I may try it again in a couple months. Not sleeping along with the dizziness and increased vertigo-like feeling was a bit too much. It could be that it was just too much of a stressful time. My doctor thinks I had a bad reaction to the LDN which happens but I'm disappointed. I had some hope for this.

Yesterday I started Famvir at half the dose my doctor prescribed. The headache is to die for. I was up in the middle of the night last night trying to find the ketamine and licocaine spray that my doctor had prescribed while I was on Valcyte. I was pleased when I found them and disappointed when I saw they were expired. It can't be die off I'm experiencing since its only been two days so the muscle aches, headache, malaise, fevered feeling/chills all must be from another virus along with side effects.

Out of all the treatments I've tried (and I think I might have tried most things by now) the ones that have been most effective have been the methylation protocol, Vitamin C, antivirals, hydrocortisone, and pacing.

Still no news regarding XMRV. I've been reading patient reports on a message board and it sounds like VIP dx got overwhelmed and things are a bit chaotic there right now.

More later on this week....
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