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Happy Anniversary Honey!

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:50pm

I had no idea four years ago that my life would change forever when I walked into Kapp's Pizza that day. It all started a few months before; my women's bible study (all single women) was working through a book called "Boundaries In Dating." One of my friends and I had the same epiphany at the same time -- if you want to marry a Christian man, you have to date Christian men. Seems so simple, but until then I was dating primarily non-Christian men and hoping to convert them or seeing no real long-term potential.

A few days later, another good friend (also in the group) brought up again that she wanted to join eHarmony ... she'd talked about this a lot so I told her to quit talking about it and to do it! She said she'd join if I'd do it with her and I agreed just to get her to shut up! We worked on our profiles, compared notes on our matches, etc. She had recently moved out of the area and when I was in her area for a bike ride, we looked at each other's pictures. One in particular we made fun of -- it was a dorky picture with these high wasted pants, standing next to the outdoor grill. After the bike ride, when I got back home, I was going through the motions of talking to these guys and even meeting quite a few. One Tuesday, I called my friend and told her that the dorky guy wanted to meet -- she said just to do it; you never know - he might not look anything like his picture! I almost didn't go through with the meeting, but decided she was right; what did I have to lose? So here I was, four years ago ... walking into Kapp's Pizza to meet a guy I'd never met before. I had no idea what to expect. I was trying to keep an open mind. And....

He blew my mind away. He was much more physically attractive than his picture gave him credit for with chiseled features and a towering height (6'5"). I'd always liked tall guys so that was a plus.

In addition to his physical attributes, he exuded confidence and charisma that swept me off my feet. We talked for about an hour about nothing that special, but I left very excited, immediately called my friend to tell her that he was not geeky at all! He was very cute and smart and funny!

Then I waited ... and waited and waited. So long that I continued to meet some other matches. Then he finally called and asked if I could go out in 10 days --- 10 days! Was I second fiddle that he couldn't find time for me? What was that all about? He sensed my disappointment and said "you seem disappointed". I was a little shy in my "Yeah" reply. He quickly suggested we go out tomorrow then! Tomorrow? Well, okay. That first date was the beginning; we immediately clicked and started dating. Six months later we were engaged and six months after that we were walking down the aisle.

It's been bliss ever since. I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone else. I can't imagine a better dad for Adam. I can't imagine a more supportive, accepting husband with my illness. Goodness knows, I'm not the same woman he married -- spunky and athletic, riding 200-mile bike rides, running marathons, etc., but he loves me just the same. I think it's like that when you meet the match God intended.

I love you Honey!
Happy Anniversary,

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