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Happiness Challenge, Month Seven, Week 25 (Gratitude)

Posted Jul 07 2010 2:26pm
I've been struggling to find things to blog about.  God has been working in me to be more positive and content and, well, it seems I tend to blog about negative things or to complain.  So, my new outlook has left me with less to talk about except that I really am finding more happiness in life.  A large part of it is getting off the birth control pills that were messing up my hormones.  My LLMD thinks they contributed to my bad crash in April/May.  I just know I've felt better both physically and emotionally since going off them.

In addition I've been trying to find the good in things and to appreciate what I've got. For instance, I had a post written about living in a halfway house -- not what you're thinking but a house that's halfway finished.  Every where I look I see unfinished projects.  Rooms that are half-painted.  Door without doorknobs.  Closets without shelves & rods.  You get the idea.  But instead of dwelling on this I'm trying to focus on what IS finished.  We have a roof over our heads.  Adam has his own room and we have a bedroom to spare for use as a computer, exercise, craft & guest room.

So when I sat down this afternoon I was deciding if I'd write a post about contentment or if I'd do a Happiness Project post when to my delight they coordinated.  I find that when God is really teaching me something he repeats it in different avenues of my life.  So -- posting on gratitude is my theme for the day.  To see what Gretchen Rubin has to say on gratitude, see below
This week’s resolution is Cultivate gratitude. A grateful spirit is very important to a happy life, and in fact, the more I think about happiness, the more importance I attribute to gratitude.

If you want to read more about this resolution, check out…  Gratitude journals, and the happiness of not having cancer.
Can you curse during a gratitude meditation?
Have you ever been upset by a well-intentioned gift? Acted ungratefully?
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