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Going Backwards Or Moving Ahead?

Posted Jan 23 2009 5:40pm
Yesterday I woke up with pelvic bone pain in the exact same spot where my arthritis pain started 24 years ago. I was surprised ....I have not had this pain for a long time.....and here it is. It took me back in my mind to when I first was experiencing it and how difficult it was to walk to our mailbox and back. Now I am limping around the house and trying not to be down about this turn of events.
In the brochure I was given on Lyme symptoms and in the information sheets I filled out for my doctor it was listed as one of the symptoms and gave me more proof of my diagnosis. But why has it returned?
I have also had other symptoms return. An itching behind my knees, more headaches, and swelling in my right hand near the joints. The joint and bone pain is as intense as it was 7 yrs ago and isn't letting up.
I started to question whether the meds were still working...maybe the Lyme is getting ahead of my protocol....maybe the tricky Lyme bacteria has found away around the meds.....
BUT what I have read and what I remember is that symptoms will return and new ones will appear as die-off occurs. So more than likely Lyme or Barts are dying in these areas and this is a good sign. I am holding on to that and not worrying ~ too much~ about the return of symptoms. They may be back, but not for long!
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