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Finding My Purpose & The Lyme Roller Coaster

Posted Apr 24 2013 11:42pm

My biggest question when I got sick was why.  At the time I was finishing my Masters’ degree & looking forward to the start of my teaching career.  Instead I spent time with doctors who dismissed me & told me it was all in my head.  Now I realize that part of answering the why question is to share my experiences & inform people about Lyme Disease, chronic Lyme Disease & co-infections.  I knew so little about Lyme Disease (when I was diagnosed) & the information was overwhelming.  As part of answering the why question, I recently did an interview that will make people more aware of this devastating disease.  The link is below.

Update on the most recent medication cycle:  People say that Lyme Disease  is a crazy maker.  I guess it was my time to end up on the lyme roller coaster.  Things have been going up & down with a few twists & turns.  This was a challenging time that also included  a lot of positives.  Sometimes you have to look a little closer to find the positives but they were definitely there.

I  started taking the voluntary cycle of IV & oral antibiotics until my second PICC line came out unexpectedly.  A lactated ringer leaked & saturated most of the PICC line, including the insertion point.  So we were off to the ER to make sure all of the PICC line had come out.  I had to laugh when one of the ER nurses recognized me from the first time my PICC line had been removed.  It was also a blessing to have a supervising doctor (in the ER) who wanted to learn more about Lyme Disease & chronic Lyme Disease.  We usually have to convince the doctors that chronic Lyme Disease exists so this was a refreshing change.  Now I am solely on oral antibiotics for an indefinite period of time.

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