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Electrolyte Imbalances Are Common Among Lyme Disease Victims

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:02pm
Hi Everyone,

I had an interesting email a few days ago from an owner of a website about Lyme that contains lots of data about the failure within the medical community and the government to act responsibly in regards to the Lyme problem. He very bluntly said that I was “sad” because I wasn’t standing up for Lymies and for myself. He later apologized, but I can understand his anger.

This is the situation. I’m not an activist. I’m an advocate. I find solutions to problems. My goal is to help people get healthy first. If the opportunity arises to do something greater and get involved politically, I just might. I’m not SAD at all.

What I’ve done is pretty remarkable. But I can’t let anger rule me. In fact, I do know probably more than I want to about the breakdown in the medical world and Lyme being a bio warfare bug. Yes, I WAS upset about it, but how can anyone fight when they don’t feel good. There are many injustices in the world and when you’re sick, you’ll kill yourself trying to worry about them.

There’s a place and time for everything. My point is that many of us probably know already quite a bit about the situation with insurance, politics and medical world involving Lyme. I have a few friends who have written about and ARE continuing to write about these issues.

For people who are sick, the focus should be on oneself and NOTHING else. You can’t use up valuable energy fighting and you shouldn’t. You can’t be angry. You should be determined. Being determined gives you a positive focus. Being angry wears on you emotionally and physically.

Electrolytes – Making You Feel Soooo Much Better!

I know I’ve already written briefly on this, but this is the deal. Everyone who is ill needs to have their electrolytes balanced. There is no excuse to be running around ill with Lyme and ill with an electrolyte imbalance.

Electrolytes provide the means, when combined with proper circulation and balanced body chemistry, to maintain proper blood pressure, circulate nutrients, rebuild damaged tissues and expedite waste from the body, including our lymphatic circulatory system. This is a HUGE deal with people who have bacteria in their body.

Yesterday, I was working on my book in the morning and was writing about this problem of my lymphatic system becoming “clogged” by bacteria which was trying to make its “last stand” and slowing down the lymph nodes by clogging them. Of course, I explain it in much better detail, but the point is that because neurotoxins from Lyme can make you as sick or worse than the bacteria itself, it’s important to make sure all neurotoxins are leaving your body in an orderly fashion. Electrolytes are essential for this.

I had not known about the need to balance electrolytes at that time. Unfortunately, many people are already imbalanced, but people who are sick are always unbalanced. Medications make the problems even worse. I hear people complain about nausea, dizziness, fatigue, etc. from not only Lyme, but also from the medications they are on. Having your electrolytes balanced combats the problem, and it may even completely reverse many symptoms.

There is actually too much information to completely cover everything about the electrolyte situation, but if you have any of these problems below:

• Suffer from heat-related illnesses
• Suffer from stress-related disorders
• Sweat excessively or don’t sweat easily
• Have circulation problems (cold hands and feet)
• Have low or high blood pressure
• Take medications which affect blood pressure
• Eat poorly or have poor drinking habits
• Are susceptible to infections and colds
• Exercise regularly or
• Have an existing illness or disease

…you need to go here to discover what you can do about it (because you can’t just eat more salt or drink a sports drink to help you with this serious medical problem!)

and also get this report (you may pass it around to anyone you suspect has some illness due to the common electrolyte imbalance but so often overlooked!)

Download your Free Electrolyte Report Here

There is a price break on these electrolytes that I use and honestly if you suspect you have some problem from reading the above information, and you don’t get and USE this product, then there might be a reason why you’re so sick…Get what I’m saying? Consider this email a small blessing.

Go here to get the ones I used to get myself balanced. (It’s made a very big difference, as you can read my testimonial on the right hand side)
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