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Eating For My Body

Posted May 07 2010 12:00am
I have been dieting almost two years, and I must say that it is not by choice, nor has it been fun. I think I have been on 4 different diets in the last couple of  years trying to get my digestive system happy and healthy. As long as I stick to the protocol of no starches, sugars, cow's milk, carbohydrates, and gluten, my digestion function better. Many question me, "What is left to eat?" Actually, there is quite a bit in our whole foods stores (organics), but it takes reconditioning the taste buds, your cravings, and how you perceive food
  • Instead of pasta, bread, burgers, & pizza, try fresh vegetables and organic meats. Maybe reward yourself with a piece of  grain bread on the weekend for following your diet.
  • Cook in olive or coconut oil instead of the vegetable oils. And stop frying things; cook them on the grill or in the oven.
  • Use other sources of flour such as almond, pecan or brown-rice flour to make your pizza crust, rolls, pie crust, cookies, and brownies.
  • Avoid sugar-free, low-fat items. They are filled with saccharine and artificial sweeteners. Note "artificial"- how can that be good for you? My theory--the fat is in there somewhere.
  • Drink almond milk instead of the sugary, hormone-ridden cow's milk, or starchy rice milk. Soy will mess with your hormones, so stay away from it as well. You can get your calcuim from vegetables. Eat a lots of them!
  • For a snack try mixed nuts, raisins, and cranberries. I have finally given up my morning cereal which was very difficult for me. I now pour almond milk over this mixture every morning, add a banana and eat it for breakfast. 
  • Use vinaigrette on your salads, instead of the starch and sugar ridden ones.
  •  If you want ice cream, Whole Foods offers an ice cream made from coconut milk as well as one made from goat's milk.
  • Eat white cheeses more often than yellow. While cheeses are easier for your body to digest. I have developed a strong craving for goat cheese. it is great on turkey patties and pizza. 
  • Limit yourself on starchy vegetables such as white potatoes. Eat sweet potatoes as an alternative.
It has been difficult for me as I have been forced to change my eating habits, but what have I learned over the last two years is valuable-- we MUST take care of our bodies through nutrition. The American diet will only lead to illness in the long run. We feed ourselves nothing but sugars, starches, & carbs that feed the bad bacteria in our bodies. I will never look at another food comercial, fast food resturant, or grocery items the same way. I now truly understand the importance of eating for health, and not for comfort..
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